The Power of Releasing How Your Dreams Come True

Your mission is to focus on WHAT your dreams are, not HOW your dreams come true! When you get clear on how a dream-come-true will FEEL—but let go of the specifics around how you think it has to come true—you open yourself to creative solutions, unexpected support, and possibility where you least expect it.

In this article, we dive into the concept of “hold the dream and release the methods.” If you’ve never pondered this idea before, get ready to gain a fresh perspective on how to bring your dreams to life! Whether in your personal or professional pursuits, this episode offers valuable encouragement and excitement for achieving your aspirations.

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Why to Release How Your Dreams Come True

As humans, we often find comfort in having everything meticulously planned out. There’s a certain satisfaction in envisioning the entire journey—knowing the exact steps, timelines, and outcomes. This quality, though incredibly useful, can sometimes hinder us from realizing our dreams in the most creative and fulfilling ways.

Take the example of transitioning from corporate life to entrepreneurship. One might meticulously plan the business strategy, marketing approach, and client interactions. However, holding onto a rigid plan can lead to missing out on unforeseen opportunities that could lead to even greater success. When you relinquish the HOW and embrace the dream, magic can happen.

The Illusion of Control

While planning is crucial, it’s equally important to recognize that life often unfolds in unexpected ways. Our notions of how things should transpire might not align with the universe’s grand design. Clinging too tightly to a single method can blind us to alternative paths that may be even more fulfilling.

For instance, when I leapt from Corporate America into entrepreneurship, I initially held onto the vision of replacing my income through a health coaching. I was newly certified and it was the one model I could envision at the time. However, I struggled to be on the phone all day with emotionally intense conversations, and realized that I actually enjoyed the days when I got to be more heads-down and creative, writing about health for businesses vs. coaching about health with clients. Once I loosened my grip on what I thought my business had to look like, I could finally see an entirely different opportunity—one that helped my business grow much faster in a way that felt aligned to me.

Releasing the How, Embracing the What

One method you can use to visualize your dreams coming true (while releasing HOW it happens) is feeling as if your dream is already achieved.

First, define the feelings you associate with your dream coming true. Focus on the feelings rather than fixating on the specific methods or details. By doing so, you create a receptive space for the universe to work its creative magic, unveiling alternative routes to your dream’s realization.

“Hold the dream, release the ways it can come true” is a transformative philosophy that encourages us to embrace our dreams while letting go of rigid methods. By focusing on the feelings associated with our aspirations and maintaining an open mind, we unlock the power of creativity and serendipity.

Whether in business, relationships, or personal growth, this approach offers a fresh outlook on achieving our dreams—one that’s as exciting as it is effective. Consider the dreams you’re holding onto, and remember that the universe often has a way of weaving its magic when we surrender control and allow our dreams to flourish in unexpected ways.

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