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How to Create a Business (and Life) That Feels Aligned to YOU Feat. Kim Argetsinger

Kim Argetsinger is a mindset coach and business mentor with a mission to help heart-centered entrepreneurs create their version of success and make more money doing what they love.

In this episode, we discuss ALIGNMENT — how to know when it’s off in life and business, how to create more of it, and why it’s the key ingredient for a life and business you’re wildly obsessed with.

Listen to this episode to learn…

• What alignment is and why it’s the secret sauce to more happiness, flow, ease, and success

• How to recognize alignment—what it feels like and looks like in your body, emotions, energy levels, business, and life

• What the people who experience more alignment do differently

• Tell-tale signs something is off and simple ways to get back to alignment if you’ve veered away (it happens)

• How to recognize the difference between a fear to work through versus something being truly wrong for you

• How to give yourself more permission to do things YOUR way

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