How to Make 6-Figures as a Copywriter

It’s your $100,000 day! ✨ If you’ve ever wondered EXACTLY how copywriters can earn $100,000 (or even $200,000 per year!) as their own boss, this is for you. Whether you dream of starting a side hustle, building an online business, replacing your 9 to 5 income, or simply working from the location and hours you choose, keep reading to find out.

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In the video, you’ll learn…

✨ A breakdown of the SPECIFIC NUMBERS, rates, and hours it takes to hit $100,000

✨ How to hit $200,000 even while working part-time

✨ Ways to increase your value as a copywriter so you can justify higher rates

✨ How to package your services so brands naturally give you more hours and revenue

Ways to Become a 6-Figure Copywriter

First things first, let’s crunch some numbers to show you exactly how this is possible.

Set Your Target Rate

If you charge $50/hour working a standard 40-hour workweek, when you multiply that out by 50 weeks/year (assuming you take a few off for vacation) then you’re at a $100,000 year.

If you charge $100/hour working the same model, you’re at a $200,00 year.

And that’s before you build a team, charge a flat fee instead of hourly, or specialize in a niche that pays even more. (Some of my copywriter graduates earn $125 to $150/hour.)

Now that you have an idea of the numbers, let’s talk about HOW to justify these rates.

Learn Content Strategy

Content strategy is one of the things that can set you apart from other copywriters, no matter how much experience you have. That’s because many writers have a sense of writing foundations, but don’t necessarily know content marketing strategy as well. Fortunately, my background in Corporate America was in content marketing strategy, and this helped me when communicating my value and differentiating myself to copywriting clients.

That’s why I recommend learning more about content strategy like the buyer’s journey, search engine optimization, and more. (I also teach these strategies in my online copywriter course.) By offering strategic skills that help businesses attract more traffic, leads, and customers, you’ll become a valuable asset and can justify higher fees for being more than a writer—but a true strategic partner as well.

Target Profitable Niches

Experiment with different industries and niches to find where you fit best. Some industries, types of projects, or sizes of businesses may be more willing or able to invest in content, leading to recurring clients and steady income.

Look at every client as an opportunity to learn and grow. Some clients might not be the best fit for you, and that’s okay. Use these experiences to refine your niche and target the clients that value your skills and where the value exchange feels fair to both parties.

Invest in Mentorship

While this isn’t required, that investing in mentorship is one of the things that took me from making $1,000/month to making over $10,000 month. I haven’t gone without a business mentor since, as it can be so helpful to have a guide to help you get where you want to go faster, work through the hurdles that come up, and plug you into a community of other business owners. (It’s also just a relief to have someone to hold all the ups and downs of building a business with you!)

From learning content strategy to targeting the right niche, investing in mentorship, and choosing the right rates, all of those pieces will help you in becoming a 6-figure copywriter. I can’t wait to hear of your business success! Feel free to share your progress and experiences in the comments below.

Happy writing and here’s to your brightest life and business!

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