How to Come Up With A Book Idea (What I Learned Writing Mine!)

Exciting news: my first book is coming out Spring 2023 (check it out here)! And I want to bring you in on the journey of what it’s like to write a book for anyone who dreams of doing so, too! Listen to this episode for how to come up with a book idea, based on a few steps that worked for me. I also share how to begin the writing process, even without knowing anything about what it was like to publish a book before I began. Then get ready for YOUR brilliant book idea to come to you!

How to Come Up With a Book Idea in 5 Steps

1. Set the Intention

I always knew that I wanted to write a book. But I just had no idea WHAT to write about. In cases like these, I’m a big fan of putting the intention out there. You don’t have to know TODAY what your book will be about, but let the universe know that it’s a dream you have, and you’re open to ideas. Then…

2. Let It Marinate

There is probably a cooler way to say this haha, but it’s how I think of it. I often come up with creative ideas that I sense aren’t quite ready YET. My book was the same. I detached around having the idea right away and gave it some time to come to me.

3. Create Whitespace

There is a reason you get your best ideas in the shower, while driving, or when going on a walk. The idea for my book came to me while I was in Mexico reading another book, looking out at the ocean. Rest IS part of the creative process. When you get an epiphany of inspiration…

4. Write Down Every Idea That Comes to You

You know how sometimes when you wake up in the middle of the night, you think you’ll remember a dream, but by morning it’s gone? Creative ideas are sometimes like that. So as soon as I had the idea, I opened notes in my phone and began jotting down anything that came to mind. Eventually, I was able to…

5. Bucket Your Ideas Into an Outline

Once I had enough ideas, I started to see common threads between them. I began to build a rough outline and move things around until it felt right. THIS is where the magic of all of your random experiences come together. Remember that everything is adding up for YOUR great story later! Now I am so thankful for the time I almost passed out in a Bikram yoga class 😂 when I got a call that bedbugs overtook my apartment building hours before moving to New York City 😅 when I felt so embarrassed pivoting my career but it ended up being the best thing ever. 🥲 Your seasons will become the chapters you love to look back on one day!

Want to learn more about how come up with a book idea? Listen to the episode here!

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