How to Find Your Next Online Business Idea

Have you ever wanted to find your purpose, or even a passion that you could turn into an online business idea? This video gives you ONE question to help you uncover what YOUR thing could be. We all have skills or talents that we may not even realize could be our next great product, service, or online business idea. Let me know in the comments what YOUR thing is after you watch! 💛

One Question to Uncover Your Next Online Business Idea

In this blog post, we’re on a quest to help you discover your perfect online business idea. Whether you’re looking to start a side hustle, generate extra income, or launch a full-fledged online venture, one simple question holds the key: What do you have an uncanny memory for? By exploring this question, you can unlock your passion and find the ideal foundation for your online business.

We all possess unique talents and areas of expertise. Some people effortlessly excel at languages, while others naturally remember intricate details like calorie counts and nutrition facts. These are the gifts that set you apart and might just be the gateway to your perfect online business idea.

Take a moment to reflect on what that subject might be for you. Is it a specific skill, a niche interest, or a field of knowledge that you’ve always been naturally drawn to? Recognizing this area of expertise can be the first step toward your entrepreneurial journey.

For example, I uncovered my passion for nutrition because I had an innate ability to remember food-related information. My curiosity led me to study nutrition, eventually becoming a holistic health coach. This journey ultimately paved the way for me to pivot from health coaching to health writing, and then to grow a successful copywriting business from there. But it all began with my natural memory for wellness-related topics. What’s yours?

Once you’ve identified your area of expertise and passion, it’s time to take action. Consider how you can transform this passion into an online business. If it’s languages, you could offer online language courses or translation services. If it’s travel, start a travel blog or create travel guides. If it’s parenting tips and tricks, create and sell digital courses or eBooks.

Sharing your expertise is not only fulfilling but can also attract an audience eager to learn from you. Whether it’s through teaching, blogging, or creating informative content, there are numerous ways to spread your passion and establish a successful online business.

Feel free to share in the comments what your natural talent or passion is and how you plan to incorporate it into your online business. Your journey to a thriving online business begins with a single question—what do you have in uncanny memory for? It just may become the product, service, or business that others can’t forget, as well. 💛

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