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Episode 072: How to Lessen Your Biggest Fear by Practicing in Lower Stakes Areas

Want to be more comfortable taking up space, getting visible, communicating your needs, trusting yourself in making decisions, or anything else? This episode is for you! While you may feel most triggered MOST in one particular area (e.g. doing the Facebook Lives, publishing the book, having the hard conversations) the truth is, there may be OTHER areas of your life where this block is ALSO impacting you.

The good news: those smaller, sneakier areas can be GREAT places to lessen your resistance and fear for the BIG leap you want to make. For example, practicing being decisive on little things (like making dinner) can be SUPER helpful for when you need to trust your intuition on a MAJOR decision.

Listen to this episode to learn…

✨ Why fear isn’t usually isolated to ONE area (and how to turn this into a super power instead of disadvantage)

✨ What’s REALLY behind procrastination and when it could be a protective mechanism masking fear (plus how to unwind it)

✨ How to practice getting over your biggest fear in lower-stakes areas

✨ And how shifting your resistance in one area impacts ALL the others (including the one that feels most charged)

Listen to the episode here: