How to Lessen Your Biggest Fear by Practicing in Lower Stakes Areas

Want to be more comfortable taking up space, getting visible, communicating your needs, trusting yourself in making decisions, or facing your biggest fear? Fear is a powerful emotion that can hold ALL us back from reaching our full potential at times. Whether it’s fear of failure, fear of judgment, or fear of the unknown, it can be challenging to overcome.

But what if there was a way to become a more fearless version of yourself, capable of pursuing your wildest dreams? In this article, we explore how to challenge your fears in little ways and build the courage to face your fear.

P.S. Prefer to listen? Check out Episode 72 of the Bright Life Podcast: How to Lessen Your Biggest Fear by Practicing in Lower Stakes Areas.

In this episode, we discuss…

✨ Why fear isn’t usually isolated to ONE area (and how to turn this into an advantage)

✨ What’s REALLY behind procrastination and when it could actually be fear in disguise

✨ How to practice getting over your biggest fear in lower-stakes areas

✨ And how shifting your resistance in one area impacts ALL the others

Key to Overcoming Your Biggest Fear

Fears have a way of extending their influence into other aspects of our lives. For instance, a fear of visibility in social media may also manifest as a reluctance to be noticed in public places. Recognizing this interconnectedness is crucial in addressing the root of our fears.

While you may feel most triggered in one particular area (e.g. doing the Facebook Lives, writing a book, having hard conversations) the truth is, there may be other areas of your life where this block is also impacting you.

The good news: those smaller, sneakier areas can be GREAT places to lessen your resistance and fear for the big fear you want to overcome. For example, practicing being decisive on little things (like making dinner) can be SUPER helpful for when you need to trust your intuition on a MAJOR decision.

Practice Overcoming Fear in Smaller Doses

Facing fear head-on can be intimidating, so tackling it in smaller, more manageable situations is a trick you can use instead. Think of it as training a muscle—start with lighter weights and gradually increase the load.

For example, if fear of visibility is your challenge, practice expressing your thoughts openly with trusted individuals. These small steps can have a ripple effect on your confidence, leading you to feel more confident taking up space online, in business, or on stage.

Or, if you struggle with self-acceptance or fear around body image, try starting your day by genuinely complimenting yourself. Treat yourself with the same kindness and compassion you show to your closest friends. These incremental steps will contribute to your overall journey of self-love and owning your uniqueness.

What Procrastination Really Means

Similarly, procrastination is often a manifestation of underlying fears. Identifying the root cause of your procrastination can lead to significant breakthroughs. Ask yourself what you’re truly afraid of: judgment, failure, or stepping outside your comfort zone. Once you’ve pinpointed the fear, you can start taking gradual steps to address it in smaller, then larger, parts of your life.

Embracing fearlessness is not an overnight process. Approach your fears with patience and compassion. Each small step you take towards confronting fear in little ways allows you to do it in bigger ways, too.

I invite you to share your experiences and reflections on this path to fearlessness. How has this discussion impacted your perspective on fear? Comment below—would love to hear!

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