Is It Time to Get Out of Planning Mode and Into Taking Action?

There comes a time in every person’s journey when it’s time to get out of planning, learning, and consuming information… and into taking action. While information and strategy can be helpful (and often feel safer than putting yourself out there) REAL transformation is found in moving through fear and taking action toward your dream.

Check out Episode 86 of the Bright Life Podcast: Is It Time to Get Out of Planning Mode and Into Action? to feel empowered to make a change and take action toward your dreams. We discuss…

✨ Why the first step will ALWAYS feel scary (so better to face it now than later!)

✨ Building excitement around who you get to BECOME by facing your fears

✨ Why you have to do something different to get a different results

✨ Why planning is fine but you can only truly begin once you get in the game

✨ How you will be so glad, one year from now, that you started today

How to Begin Taking Action

The Trap of Consumption Mode

First things first, I toootally understand the lure of information-gathering mode because my tendency is somethings to want to stay there, too. Because I love to learn, I am always happy consuming content, watching videos, and reading books by experts to learn all I can about marketing, business, and personal development.

And while these resources ARE incredibly valuable, at certain parts of my journey, they have also kept me from taking that crucial step forward. They provided a sense of progress because I felt busy, but I wasn’t truly in the game until I took the plunge and did the thing I was afraid to do, like starting a business, launching a podcast, or writing a book.

That said, here’s how to get out of consumption mode and into taking action.

Embrace Fear

Fear is an inevitable companion on the journey toward your dreams, but here’s the thing: fear never truly goes away. No matter how much knowledge you accumulate, at some point, you’ll still face that crossroads where you have to decide to take the leap—scared.

Wouldn’t you rather take that step today than regret not doing so a year from now? Fear is part of the journey, and facing it head-on is the way you get to the life of your dreams sooner. At some point, every successful person you admire had to feel the fear… and do it anyway.

Learn by Doing (Not Researching)

While learning from books, podcasts, and videos is valuable, true growth comes from action.

For example, imagine you’re planning to start a copywriting business. You’ve watched every video on YouTube, scoured the internet for every article… but it’s only when you get out there that you start to understand what truly works for you. You learn about your pricing, your preferred niche, and how to sell yourself effectively. You simply can’t know everything that you need to without some trial and error.

By taking action, you’ll discover aspects of yourself, your business, or your clients that you never knew needed improvement until you were in the field.

Picture Your Future Self

A year from now, you’ll look back and be grateful for the woman who decided to take action today. You’ll see how far you’ve come, how much you’ve grown, and the incredible life you’ve created. The entrepreneurial journey isn’t solely about building a business; it’s also about who you become. Every step you take brings you closer to the woman you’re meant to be. Embrace the fears and challenges, for they are the stepping stones to a more confident, resourceful, and fulfilled version of yourself.

Get Support & Mentorship

Remember, you may have to face your fears, but you don’t have to do it alone. Seek out mentors, coaches, communities, and support networks to help you on your journey. They’ll be there to guide you through the challenging moments and celebrate your victories.

For me, I’ve found mentors invaluable for talking through my fears with me, then holding me accountable to doing the scary thing. If you want support, check out the resources below!

I hope this pep talk encourages and inspires you to get out of planning mode and into action. You are ready. The time is now. Embrace the fear. You don’t need more information—you need to take your first step. You can do this!

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