Work From Home Series: How Becoming a Copywriter Changed My Life

My life changed when I became a copywriter. Instead of working for someone else in corporate, I was suddenly able to work from around the world, on the hours I chose, on creative work that was fulfilling to me. And I was able to make twice as much working for myself—something I never imagined would be possible!

In this article, I share not only how becoming a copywriter changed my life, but more importantly, how YOU can use it to change yours—whether you want more location independence, time with your family, financial freedom… or to see the world, to build a successful business, or whatever else defines success, fulfillment, and freedom for you!

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Top Ways Becoming a Copywriter Changed My Life

A few years ago, I found myself on a hamster wheel of wake up, work, repeat. While I could power through my day-to-day with the help of a few espressos, I couldn’t shake the desire for more fulfillment, more freedom, and more flexibility. The 9-to-5 grind, never-ending emails, and office politics had me yearning for something else, or something more. I began contemplating leaving corporate America, building my own business as my own boss. Eventually, I got up the nerve to make the leap.

And while it was a WINDING road to a copywriting business—full of all kinds of side hustles, business attempts, and even industry changes—I eventually found my way. Here are a few of the biggest ways that copywriting changed my life. (And if you’re thinking about it as well, make sure you check out this free training which can share further about how to get started.)

Freedom to Work from Anywhere

One of the best benefits of being a freelance writer is the freedom to work from anywhere. While I used to spend entire days in cubicles under fluorescent lights, driving hours each day on a commute, when I became a copywriter, the world opened up for me.

I’ve been able to work from coffee shops and coworking offices in Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, and over 35 countries. Being able to see the world while building my business is something that I still pinch myself over daily.

Flexibility to Choose My Own Schedule

That’s right—no more suffocating commutes or rushing through lunch breaks at my desk! As a freelance copywriter, I am my own boss, and after years in corporate, I am forever grateful for the flexibility choose my hours and schedule.

This newfound spaciousness has brought balance and joy back into my life. I can take a yoga class in the middle of the day, enjoy a lunch date with my husband, or even work from an airplane. The freedom to structure my day in alignment with my passions has been incredibly freeing, reducing stress, while helping me maximize my work AND my life outside it.

Financial Security and Empowerment

Leaving the security of a corporate job can seem scary, but freelance copywriting restored my confidence in my ability to make money and control my financial future. No longer dependent on a single employer, I found it incredibly empowering to be able to get new clients any time, and scale my hours up or down with my life. After going several thousand dollars into debt for my first business ventures, the realization and confidence that I can generate income at any time through copywriting has been empowering and freeing. I was able to get out of debt in only a few months through content writing.

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So, there you have it—my journey from corporate America to the world of freelance copywriting, where I discovered more freedom, joy, and financial security than I thought possible. If you find yourself yearning for more from life, I encourage you to explore the world of freelance copywriting. It may just be the path that leads you to a life of fulfillment, experiences, balance, health, and freedom as your own boss.

Becoming a copywriter has opened up a world of endless possibilities for me. As businesses across the globe realize the power of written content, the demand for skilled copywriters continues to rise. Whether it’s social media posts, blog articles, website copy, or email campaigns, there is no shortage of opportunities to build a fulfilling online business as your own boss.

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