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Episode 075: Jealousy As a Gift for Uncovering Your (Potentially Most Hidden) Desires

No one likes to feel jealousy creep in… it’s gross, icky, angry… BUT when wielded correctly, it’s also potentially one of the BEST compasses pointing to your desires. (Maybe even desires you haven’t noticed or allowed yourself to fully embrace.)

Listen to this episode  to understand how powerful jealousy can be, including…

✨ Why jealousy is really code for DESIRE

✨ How to decode jealousy’s message

✨ Why jealousy is so juicy for uncovering your most hidden, denied, or un-lived desires

✨ How to get curious about jealousy and actually get excited when it surfaces

✨ How to take ACTION on jealousy to move you in the direction of your dreams

✨ Ways to use social media as a visionary tool for pointing you to your biggest, brightest life

Listen to the episode here: