Qualify Yourself (You Are Worthy Already)

Do you ever feel like you need one more degree, certification program, or outside approval BEFORE you share your message, launch your business, or take on clients? If so, have you ever considered whether it’s TRULY an education thing… or maybe partly a WORTHINESS thing? (Said with love because this is a pattern I’ve recognized in myself, too!) Listen to this episode for how to tell the difference, plus a pep talk around why you are worthy ALREADY for the humans (or businesses) you want to serve. You’ll come out the other side feeling more confident, ready to finally get out there and begin. 👊

Reframes to Remember That You Are Worthy

Do You Need More Qualifications… or Confidence?

Many of us feel inadequate or unqualified to pursue our dreams and goals. We believe that we need more certifications, degrees, or qualifications before we can start something new or offer our expertise to others. But the truth is, worthiness often matters more than ADDITIONAL qualifications. (Obviously depending on the industry, as I appreciate surgeons and accountants getting ALL the certifications they need! But you know what I mean for MANY other industries.)

I know that, for me personally, my first business was in holistic health. And what started as seeking a legitimate qualification to coach people in that industry, turned into seeking one certification after the other… not so much because I NEEDED even more certifications, but because I was looking for more confidence and worthiness to help people.

Maybe you also feel the need to acquire more knowledge and certifications in a certain area, hoping those certifications will give you the confidence to FINALLY pursue your dreams. While education and training are undoubtedly valuable (and certainly essential depending on the field) TRUE confidence and worthiness often come from taking action and gaining real-world experience.

Instead of relying on external qualifications, focus on your own sense of self-love and the impact you can make. Shift your perspective from seeking external validation to cultivating a sense of worthiness within yourself. Recognizing your unique skills, experiences, and perspectives allows you to see that you are already equipped to make a difference… and while one more training is nice, it’s not until you get out there and begin helping people that you can actually gain expertise in doing so. 💛

You Only Need to Be a Few Steps Ahead to Help

Another misconception that holds many of us back is the belief that we must be experts in a particular field or possess extensive knowledge before we can help others. However, the truth is that we often only need to be a few steps ahead of the people we want to serve to really help them.

For example, I train women how to build copywriting businesses and I often see them get nervous that they need two dozen years of experience before they can help another business owner write content. However, imagine a business owner who is great at what she does, but struggles to communicate her message with words. Imagine the relief she would feel from someone who has been trained in writing, editing, and content strategy… who is leaps and bounds ahead in that arena, and frees the business owner to do what she loves by taking copywriting off her plate. You don’t need a LIFETIME of experience or a multitude of degrees to provide value and support today.

This concept applies to various fields and industries. Whether it’s health, fitness, or any other skill, there are people just starting their journey and looking for guidance. By sharing what you have learned and helping them navigate the next few steps, you can still make a meaningful impact in their lives, before they find someone else to help at each next chapter.

Understanding that you don’t have to be the ULTIMATE authority in the entire universe allows you to let go of the pressure to know EVERYTHING. Instead, focus on serving those who are a few steps behind you and offer your unique perspective and knowledge. By doing so, you become a valuable resource and guide to those who can benefit from your experiences… exactly where BOTH of you are.

You Don’t Have to Be Perfect to Serve Your Humans

Lastly, perfectionism is a common roadblock that prevents many people from taking action and pursuing their goals. We often believe that we need to have EVERYTHING figured out and be flawless before we can start sharing our message or offering our services. But the truth is, perfection is not a prerequisite for making a difference in people’s lives. No one is perfect. Not you, not the people you want to serve… and it’s often your authenticity that draws people to you most.

Waiting for others to deem you worthy is unnecessary. Your unique perspectives, experiences, and individuality make you the perfect fit for certain people. Different individuals resonate with different personalities, teaching styles, and approaches. By embracing your authentic self and offering your unique flavor, you attract those who appreciate your genuine voice.

You are worthy. Now get out there and show us the special gift that only YOU have. (And if you need a boost, listen to the episode here!)

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