RECEIVING: How to Receive, Ask for Support and Feel Worthy of the Life You Desire

You may assume that if you woke up with the dream career, love of your life, or 6-pack abs tomorrow, that you’d gladly welcome your new situation, right? But the truth is, us humans do all kinds of funky things when we receive the love, wealth, happiness, or success we desire, often self-sabotaging our way out or returning to our old baseline. That’s why RECEIVING is an essential aspect of the creation process when manifesting the life of your dreams.

As Krista Williams of the Almost30 Podcast says, “To receive a life of your dreams, part of your work is to be able to receive it.” In this blog post, learn three reframes to change the way you think about receiving—and help you hold a dream-come-true.

P.S. Prefer to listen? Find it on Episode 124 of the Bright Life Podcast: RECEIVING: How to Ask for Support and Feel Worthy of the Life You Desire.

How to Receive: 3 Things to Remember

I share a whole chapter about receiving in my book, Your Bright Life: Get Clear on What You Want, Overcome Self-Doubt, and Bring Your Dreams to Life. I find that being able to RECEIVE is one of the most underrated parts of bringing a dream to life.

Here are a few reframes that helped me think differently about how to receive…

No Dream Is Built in a Silo

While so many of the strong women I know try to do so much for themselves, the truth is that every dream you have WILL involve the contributions of others. No matter how much hard work you put in, you don’t just land the dream job without someone else reviewing your application, sending a job offer, and offering you the opportunity. Similarly, you don’t just wake up one day in your dream house—it takes another person wanting to sell their property, a real estate agent showing the listing, and several parties agreeing to the same terms before your dream can manifest.

Every dream is co-created by others. Whether it’s securing your dream job or starting a business, someone else’s belief, guidance, encouragement, or involvement plays a significant role in our journey. Embracing this idea can help you appreciate the collaborative nature of life and accept the help that comes your way. It’s okay to ask for support—and receive it graciously.

Your Dream Is an Answer to Someone Else’s Call

Another beautiful way I like to think of bringing a dream to life is that every dream that resides within us is born from the collective desires of others. At the same time you yearn to create something, there are other people out there longing for it to be created.

For example, you may desire to write a book, just as there are people yearning to read the message you want to share. This understanding can help you feel connected to a larger purpose and remind you that your dreams serve not just YOU—but also those who seek what you have to offer.

A Question Is an Invitation to a New Relationship

Asking for help can be intimidating, but less so if you view it as an opportunity to build deeper connections with others. A simple question can transform a casual acquaintance into a supportive friend. It can transform a business relationship into a lifelong partnership. Each time you reach out and invite someone into our journey, you are creating an opening for a beautiful new relationship to blossom.

Get Ready to Receive

Remember that receiving is not just about accepting help; it’s about embracing the interconnectedness of humanity. Your dreams are not isolated events, but rather threads woven together from the aspirations of many hearts. And every time you ask for support or share your dreams, you create an opportunity for meaningful connections and another person to become part of something special.

Let me know in the comments—which shift are you going to carry with you going forward? 💛

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