Taking Charge of Your Financial Future Feat. Amanda Neely

Have you ever wanted to cut through all the financial information out there and feel confident in how to create a financial future that works for YOU?

Our guest Amanda Neely is the founder of Grandma’s Wealth Wisdom, a business, podcast, and YouTube channel dedicated to helping people return to solid financial strategies, take charge of their cash flow, leverage their assets, and make an impact in the causes they care about.

Listen to Episode 78 of the Bright Life Podcast: Taking Charge of Your Financial Future Feat. Amanda Neely to learn…

✨ What to prepare for financially before starting your own business

✨ What to consider in order to make the biggest social impact with your money

✨ How to shift limiting beliefs around money that many people inherit

✨ How to improve your relationship with money and invest with confidence

✨ Where to begin with financial education and how to gauge what’s accurate or not

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