What Is My Passion? Ask These 3 Questions to Discover

Do you ever find yourself wondering, “What is my passion?” or “What should I be doing with my life?” If you feel like you’re going through the motions, but deep down, know there’s more to life than what you’re currently experiencing… I hear you, and I want to help you discover that passion!

The good news is, finding your passion doesn’t have to be as daunting as it may seem. Keep reading for three powerful questions to help you find what lights you up and adds more fulfillment to your life.

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In the episode, you’ll discover…

✨ Where to begin if you have a hard time knowing what you’re passionate about

✨ Permission to feel less pressure around missing your calling

✨ More joy in having a juicy life filled with many chapters and passions

✨ Why your passions are often hiding in plain sight (and why they’re so hard to see)

3 Questions to Uncover: What Is My Passion?

1. What Did You Do When You Were Little?

Think back to your childhood days. What activities brought you joy? Was there something you loved to do for fun? Perhaps you played music, spent time outdoors, read books, performed magic shows, or showcased your talents in talent shows. These childhood activities hold valuable clues about your truest self before societal expectations took over.

Take some time to jot down five things you used to do when you were little. For me, it was teaching my stuffed animals, which later led me to discover my passion for mentoring and educating others. What were your childhood passions? Reflect on them; they might be guiding you towards your true calling.

2. What Are You Uncommonly Good At?

We all have unique talents and strengths that come naturally to us. Maybe you have an exceptional memory for details, possess an uncanny organizational ability, or understand complex concepts effortlessly. Make a list of a few things you consider yourself exceptionally good at. These innate skills could be key indicators of your passion.

3. What Do People Ask You for Advice Around?

Have you noticed that friends, family, or colleagues often seek your advice or assistance in specific areas? This could be a sign that you possess valuable knowledge or skills that others recognize and value. Your ability to provide guidance or help in certain areas might be a hidden treasure waiting to be uncovered.

Create a list of things people often turn to you for advice or help. This insight can be a powerful indication of the things you excel at and genuinely enjoy. Embrace these opportunities, for they might lead you closer to your passion than you think.

Allow Yourself to Be a Beginner Again

Another thing that helped me is realizing that finding your passion is not about pressuring yourself to identify something to turn into a lifelong career. Instead, it’s about exploring and chasing your curiosities. Release the burden of needing to find the perfect path and embrace the joy of pursuing what excites you.

Whether it’s attending a cooking class, exploring real estate, or trying your hand at art, allow yourself to be a beginner again and experience the thrill of discovery. Chasing your curiosities can lead to new passions, careers, or even just pure enjoyment.

Also remember, don’t have to be the best at something to find passion in it. Just like children drawing for the pure joy of it, you can engage in activities that light up your soul, regardless of your skill level. Release the need for external validation and focus on how an activity makes you feel. The more you immerse yourself in what you love, the more you’ll naturally improve and develop skills along the way.

If you’ve been feeling stuck or craving more passion in your life, start by exploring these three questions.

  • What did you do when you were little?
  • What are you uncommonly good at?
  • What do people seek your advice on?

Use these insights as guiding lights to reconnect to your passion and joy. Let me know in the comments one idea you uncovered in thinking through your answers!

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