New Writers: Don’t Discount This Important Trait!

If you’re a new writer looking to build a copywriting business or side hustle, keep reading to learn one important trait to feature with prospective clients. After hiring new writers inside my own copywriting business and for global brands inside Corporate America, I can honestly tell you that I would pay *more* for new writers with these qualities… versus more experienced writers without them.

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How New Writers Can Leverage the Skills They DO Have

As someone who has been in the content marketing industry for years, both as a content strategist in Corporate America and as a copywriter coach in my own businesses, I have worked with a LOT of writers with varying levels of expertise and skill. While writing ability is essential, there’s one thing that separates the best writers from the rest, and that’s what they’re like to WORK with as a human being as well.

The truth is, you likely have skills or personality traits that will make you a FANTASTIC writer—and you may not even know it. Here are a few things to consider…

Brainstorm Your Soft Skills

Even if you are new to freelance writing, you can still differentiate yourself from the competition. Think about what else you bring to the table beyond your writing experience.

For example, are you reliable with meeting deadlines?

Are you positive and professional?

Do you do your best to create high-quality work?

These are all qualities to highlight. I know that it may sound like a given, but let me tell you: I’ve hired writers before who technically checked all the boxes from a copywriter perspective… but missed deadlines, were impossible to reach, or were difficult personality-wise.

If you’re a communicative, can-do person, you already have the soft skills that are hard to teach (unlike writing, which anyone can learn) and make ALL the difference.

Directly Mention These Traits In Your Pitches

When pitching potential clients, share not only your writing samples, but also your personality and work style. Employers want to work with writers they enjoy collaborating with, so don’t hesitate to include a line in your pitch that highlights your positive attitude, communicative nature, and commitment to delivering work on time. Even totally new writers who approach projects with enthusiasm, meet deadlines, and maintain open communication throughout the process are incredibly valuable. Don’t assume employers know this about you and make sure to directly mention it.

Consider the Industry Experience You Bring to the Table

If you lack writing experience—but have years of experience in another industry or field—don’t count yourself out. Those years of experience can make you an asset as a writer in that industry, giving you experience that many other trained writers don’t have.

For example, I’ve trained nurses to become healthcare writers, and because they have years of clinical experience, they stand out to healthcare businesses, even if they’re technically new writers. The same goes for teachers writing for companies in the education industry, accountants writing for financial institutions, or marketers writing for marketing companies or apps.

Combining all of your industry knowledge with your positive, professional attitude can make you an attractive candidate—no matter how much writing experience you’re starting with.

If you’re passionate about pursuing a career in copywriting but feel intimidated as a new writer, don’t let that hold you back. Remember that writing skills can be learned and improved over time. Focus on cultivating and emphasizing your positive traits, and use them to your advantage when seeking opportunities.

Building a profitable freelance writing business is an achievable goal, even if you’re starting from scratch. Embrace your unique strengths and personality, and don’t be afraid to sell yourself in your pitches. Remember, employers are not only looking for skilled writers; they’re also seeking reliable, enthusiastic, and communicative team players who they love working with. (Like you!) 💛

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