How to Choose Which Copywriting Niches to Write For

So you’ve gotten up the nerve to start a copywriting business (or at least consider doing so). But how do you know which copywriting niches to choose… or which niche would be best for YOU? Today’s article offers three questions for how to find a niche based on YOUR interests, financial targets, and long-term business goals.

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3 Questions to Find Your Best Copywriting Niches

1. What Do You Enjoy?

The point of being your own boss is to do work you ENJOY in a way that lights you up. So considering your passions is always a worthy starting place.

Are there certain things you love to research, share with friends and family, or do on the weekends? These can be great industries to start with, because you can get PAID to research and write about things you already love learning about.

2. What Do You Have Expertise In?

What has your career been up until now? If you enjoy that field, you could always write about that niche since you have expertise in that industry in a way other writers do not. Consider any certifications, degrees, work history, or skills. They could all be an industry you choose to niche into (or start with) as a writer!

3. What Opportunities Are Presenting Themselves?

Having mentored copywriters for over a decade, I personally recommend that new writers don’t overthink their niche *too* much. You might receive opportunities in an unexpected area, which could give you your first income source and experiences as a writer!

I stayed open to my copywriting niche in the beginning, and I learned so much about which industries I enjoyed (some surprised me) and which I didn’t. Some businesses will make excellent clients, even in industries you wouldn’t expect. And you might find that you learn something new and find a new passion from staying open!

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