You Can Trust Your Instincts (Your Desires Are Guiding You)

If you’re about to take the leap on something in your life but need a little pep talk to do so, keep reading for a few questions you can ask to get clear on your desires, trust your instincts, discover hidden solutions, and take the leap to your dreams.

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Questions to Gain Clarity and Trust Your Instincts

So many of us hold back because we’re waiting for the perfect sign or some external validation to make a decision. But let me tell you something important: waiting for complete comfort or outside permission might keep you waiting forever. Instead, let’s explore how you can trust your instincts and make the best decisions for YOUR life.

Ask yourself these questions to gain clarity on what’s next for you:

What Would You Want a Coin Flip to Say?

I know, it might sound silly, but hear me out. The magic isn’t in the coin; it’s in the moment before it lands. When you’re faced with the possibility of two outcomes, you get a glimpse of what your heart truly desires. The moment the coin lands and you have an answer, pay attention to your feelings. Your response, that desire deep within you, is the real answer. Trust that feeling and embrace it.

If Nothing Was Wrong, What Would You Want?

We’ve all grown up being taught what gets rewarded or not by our families, schools, and societies. To remove that conditioning, consider: if nothing was wrong, what would you want?

The truth is, you can handle either outcome, no matter what happens. You are the creator of your life, thoughts, and actions, and you have the power to shape every outcome. Stop putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to make the *right* choice. Embrace the belief that your desires are good and that they are given to you for a reason, in the right order. Your heart knows what you truly want, so don’t be afraid to follow its lead.

What Would You Do if You Did Know?

Sometimes, you might find yourself torn between two paths, unsure of which one to take. “I don’t know what to do,” you might think to yourself. But I challenge you to ask yourself: “If you DID know, what would be the answer?” This question cuts through the noise in your mind and connects you to that gut feeling, that knowing deep within your soul. Trust in that quiet voice; it often holds the answers you seek.

What Would You Do if No One Was Telling You How?

The pressure to conform to external expectations can cloud your judgment. To break free, take a page from the book of successful entrepreneur Sarah Blakely. I once heard her say that when she faces tough decisions in her business, she asks herself: “If no one was telling me how to do this, how would I do it?” This question opens up your creativity and allows you to explore unique and authentic solutions that feel right for YOU. (And probably are.)

What Would You Do if You Weren’t Afraid?

Face fear head-on and ask yourself, “If you weren’t afraid, what would you do?” In my book I tell the story of when I was faced with this question before moving to New York City, laying awake on the floor of a Brooklyn apartment, wondering what I had gotten myself into and how I should proceed.

Imagine the possibilities that would open up if fear no longer dictated your choices. Imagine the clarity you could gain if you knew you could not fail, no matter what. See what answer arises if you were to do what you really wanted to do, if fear weren’t holding you back.

Give yourself the permission to take that leap, to follow your gut instincts, and to make decisions with confidence. Embrace your inner knowing, ask empowering questions, and release the hold of fear. Trust that feeling of excitement, enlightenment, or inexplicable draw towards something. You can trust your desires. They are like little lights along a pathway, guiding you towards what’s right for you and your brightest life. 💛

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