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Episode 070: Reconnecting to Your Why

If you’re in the messy middle of entrepreneurship or any other area of life, reconnecting to your why can help prevent burnout and re-energize you in pursuit of your dreams.

But HOW do you do it? And how do you really FEEL reconnected when you’re in a tough season with no finish line in sight?

Listen to this episode to discover…

✨ Simple practices to feel into your why and the reasons you began in the first place

✨ How to fall madly in love  with your product, service, and humans again

✨ Practical ways you can keep your why front and center in daily life

✨ How to make your why easier to remember so you don’t lose it again

✨ Unexpected ways to make it through the messy middle and feel as connected as you did at the start

Listen to the episode here: