Try This Mindset Shift to Conquer Your Biggest Fear Today

You know your biggest, gnarliest fear? The one you’ve maybe been procrastinating on for weeks, months, or… years? Keep reading for a mindset shift to conquer it, once and for all.

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✨ A simple mindset shift to make your BIGGEST fear appear much smaller

✨ How to get through the nerves and FINALLY take action

✨ How to apply this to any other fear in your life maximum change

✨ Why this mindset shift works no matter what kind of fear you’re dealing with

✨ How to shift your mindset to the woman who has already conquered this fear

Mindset Shift: Picture What You’ll Be Doing After

Imagine this: you’ve got something you’re terrified of doing, like going on a Facebook Live to share about your passion, or taking a class in something you’ve always wanted to pursue. You deeply WANT to do this thing, and know that it’s part of living your brightest life. But, fear holds you back. Try this formula to overcome your fear today.

First, Consider How Much Time It Will Take

The first step in conquering this fear is to consider how much time the task that you fear will take—maybe an hour, a day, or even just a few minutes. Recognize that it’s a finite amount of time, with an END point. The task won’t last forever. And neither will the fear.

Then, Fast Forward to After

Then, envision yourself after completing the task.

For instance, let’s say you want to take an aerial yoga class, but the thought of performing in front of others terrifies you. Picture yourself at the end of the week, reminiscing with your friends or partner about the fantastic experience you had in that class.

By fast-forwarding to that moment, you realize that whatever fear and discomfort you’re experiencing right now will soon be nothing but a distant memory. There is a version of you who has already accomplished the task and overcome her fear. Keep HER in your mind.

Embrace the Outcome

It’s also helpful to realize that—whether it’s hitting publish on a paper, asking for a raise, or facing any other fear—you will be able to handle the outcome. This experience will become just a story to look back on one day—one that you’ll be proud of yourself for conquering, regardless of the results. Remember, it’s either going to be a great experience or a good story to laugh about later. But either way, you’ll be proud you went for it.

Befriend Fear

To cultivate fearlessness, consider facing your fear regularly. I used to have a monthly practice of trying One New Thing; it helped me get comfortable being outside my comfort zone. I could actually feel my fear dissipate framing new situations as, “Oh, this is just my One New Thing this month.” It gave me permission to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Borrow this practice, if you’d like. Make a monthly tradition of doing something new and slightly intimidating. This process will help you befriend fear, recognizing that it comes and goes. With each experience, you’ll also gain insights into your patterns and learn that you’re resilient and capable of overcoming any challenge.

Through this practice of beginning with the end in mind, you’ll tap into the unstoppable version of yourself. It doesn’t mean fear will disappear, but it empowers you to move forward despite it. Remember, fear is often just your brain’s way of trying to protect you. Approach it lovingly and discern whether it’s a genuine warning or merely nerves. Trust that you can handle whatever comes your way and grow through the experience.

What fear are you going to face this week, beginning with the end in mind?!

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