What Qualifications Do You Need to Become a Freelance Writer?

What qualifications do you need to become freelance writer?

Do you need a 4-year degree or could a shorter training be sufficient?

Do you need a fancy website or are writing samples enough to book clients?

What will help you scale to 6-figures faster?

How can you become a copywriter with no experience?

Watch this video to find out, from my perspective having been inside Corporate America hiring writers and leading content strategy for global brands AND having been on the side of the writer building a copywriting business! Prefer to read? Keep scrolling.

How to Become a Copywriter With No Experience

If you’re at your wits end with your 9 to 5 job, yearning for a career change that allows you to be your own boss, work from any location, and set your own schedule… then copywriting may be the path you’ve been looking for! Copywriting allows you to write for businesses online from wherever you choose, setting your own hours, and doing fulfilling work helping businesses thrive.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the qualifications you need to become a copywriter. The best part? You DON’T need decades of expertise to make the shift. Here’s what you DO need.

Learn to Write Copy

First things first, to become a successful content writer, you’re going to need to learn how to write copy. The good news is that writing is a skill that anyone can learn, and I can say this with confidence having trained writers for decades (even brand new ones)!

To learn to write, seek out mentors, online copywriting courses, or articles and webinars online. There are many ways to learn the art of writing, and with the right process and mentorship, you can develop the necessary skills to build a successful copywriting business.

>>> Here’s a free copywriter training to get you started.

Build a Portfolio of Writing Samples

Next up: one of the most crucial qualifications for any aspiring copywriter is a compelling portfolio or writing samples. Your portfolio showcases your writing style, voice, and attention to detail. In my experience hiring writers, many businesses prioritize writing samples over resumes because portfolios clearly show what you’re capable of.

Create high-quality samples that demonstrate your expertise by writing sample blog posts, social media posts, or email newsletters. In my copywriter program, writers learn both how to write and build a portfolio of writing samples week by week.

>>> Learn more about tips for a copywriter portfolio that books you solid.

Highlight Your Soft Skills

While you may be new to copywriting, you likely already have qualities that would make you an asset to businesses. If you get your work done on time, are attentive to detail, and have a can-do personality, don’t underestimate these important qualities! Many people can write, but unfortunately aren’t *as* pleasant to work with.

So as you fine-tune your hard skills like copywriting, share with brands that you are communicative, reliable, and deadline-oriented. Emphasize these traits in your pitch and interactions with potential clients. Many businesses are willing to teach you how they want you to write for them, but you can’t teach these other qualities. Use them as something that sets you apart.

Learn Content Strategy for an Added Asset

Lastly, one skill that many writers don’t recognize as a huge asset is having a grasp of content strategy in addition to writing foundations. Understanding concepts like search engine optimization (SEO) and the buyer’s journey, which I teach in this online copywriting program, enables you to write content that aligns with a brand’s marketing and business objectives. Not only will you feel more confident as a writer, but you’ll be able to be more of a partner to brands, stand out, and earn higher rates.

In summary, you don’t need a four-year degree to become a successful copywriter. If you can master how to write, build writing samples, and learn how to get clients (all of which I teach in depth in Bright Life Biz) then you have everything you need to build a profitable online business as your own boss. The best part is, earning rates like $100/hour, you can earn back your investment in a few days of work, leading to new business, career, and life.

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