What You’re Doing Now Will Serve You Later (How to Make the Most of the Season You’re In)

If you’re in between seasons — maybe wanting to become a business owner but still working a day job — it can be frustrating to feel like the caterpillar being dissolved alive as they wait for their next evolution.

However, I’ve found that every single season serves your next one. So if you’re feeling like you’re spinning your wheels in your job, or wondering what’s next and when it will appear, below are a few ways to make the most of where you’re at now, and set yourself up for even more success later.

Ways What You’re Doing Now Will Serve You Later


The first thing to consider is the people around you. Let’s say that you’re still working a 9 to 5, but you’re eager to start a business and get out of the corporate grind. You may feel like you’re biding your time with your coworkers, but in reality, this is the BEST time to go above and beyond with the people around you.

Many of my first clients were people I had known forever from work or my personal life. They knew my work ethic and that I had their back as a colleague, so they could trust me as their coach or partner.

Instead of wishing away this season, use the time to make connections with those around you. Your coworkers. People at conferences. Old friends and family members. Your network tends to follow you from position to position (and even career changes). Whereas you have to warm up brand-new introductions, if you can get to know and support the people around you now, they will be more likely to do the same when you make your move.


Second, think about the skills that you can learn or take advantage of now. For example, if you’re in a sales gig, fantastic; learn everything you can about sales so you can transfer those skills to your future business. Instead of phoning home the last few months, go all at it — see what works, what doesn’t, try new things, and aim to outperform your record.

I learned many seemingly random skills in corporate America that serve me well now. I learned how to run events, do graphic design, manage projects, and host webinars… all things that felt unrelated, but actually made me much faster and more familiar with all of these things for my own business.

Similarly, consider which conferences or trainings you may be able to take now. Does your employer want you to attend an annual conference? Do you have a learning budget? Obviously, ensure that what you’re learning serves the company you’re at, but also remember that information doesn’t just leave your mind once you’re done with your current position. Knowledge is yours forever. Invest in learning accordingly.

When you’re a new entrepreneur, you may not have the budget to invest in training, coaching, or conferences. If you’re in a corporate gig and your company insists that you attend these programs now, say yes with a smile and absorb all that you can.


A third way that you can take advantage of your current situation is to uplevel your mindset. 

Before I started my business, I played Marie Forleo on repeat at the gym. I listened to Gabby Bernstein and took her online course. I did everything I could to prepare for becoming an entrepreneur mentally, and I’m so grateful that I entered with my game face on.

There are things that you just won’t fully learn until you get into business. For example, I learned oodles on money mindset once I got into the game and realized how many legacy beliefs I had around money. But until then, soak up everything you can and take the leap into business with your best foot (and mindset) forward.. 


One last area where you can really take advantage is your time. I get it — building a side hustle and balancing a day job is tough. You may have to become ninja-like about your time. Listen to audiobooks on your commute. Watch business videos on the treadmill. Determine who is really worth your time and supports your ideas. Carve out time to work on your side hustle and honor it as you would a fancy appointment where you’re charged $50 for no-showing.

Focus on getting your habits straight. You don’t have to be perfect to begin — and don’t let that stop you — but you will have a lot to conquer as a new business owner, so try to dial in everything you can now so it’s second-nature when you’re learning how to run a business..


I hope you know that what you’re doing now WILL serve you later. No experience is wasted. It is all adding up to serve you. You will one day look back at seemingly unrelated things and see how they make a difference for you. Take heart, and know this season doesn’t last forever. Give yourself the gift of knowing you did everything you could to maximize it while you had it, so when you take the leap, you know without a doubt it’s the right time.

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