Who Is the Version of You Who Already Has Your Dream?

Whether you have a health, business, or relationship goal, imagine the version of you who ALREADY has that dream. What’s she like? What does she do, think about, let go of, and focus on? Chances are, she has some different habits, beliefs, and systems than you have today, which is what has helped her finally achieve that dream.

Listen to this episode to get clear on who that version of you is, learn how to identify what she is doing differently (that you can implement today), and how to become the woman with your dream even sooner.

147. Who Is the Version of You Who Already Has Your Dream? Bright Life Podcast

How to Become Your Best Self

If you’ve ever felt like you fall short of a goal — health, business, relational, or otherwise — it’s because there is a gap between who you are today and who that woman with your dream is. So ask yourself:

Who IS the woman who has already achieved your goal?

Let’s take health, for example. We all have an image in our minds of what our ultimate health avatar looks like—the woman who maybe wakes up early, nourishes her body, and moves every day. Great, those are a few things to start with. But when you really envision this woman, in what other ways does she live? How does she talk to herself? What beliefs does she hold about her health and well-being? How does she feel about working out? Chances are, she has found a way to ENJOY eating healthy and to think about going to the gym that makes it a consistent routine for her. How is that different from how you exist today in your current state? THAT is where your work lies!

Similarly, in the realm of business or social media growth, consider the habits and mindset of the woman with tens of thousands or even millions of followers. What does she do each day? What are her thoughts about social media and showing up there? How does she handle setbacks or criticism? By delving into these questions, you can gain insights into the behaviors, values, and perspectives of someone who has reached your dreams.

And here’s the real magic: It’s not just about achieving the goal itself. It’s about who we BECOME in the process. Every habit formed, every belief reshaped, and every challenge overcome transforms us into a version of ourselves capable of actually attaining (and maintaining) those dreams.

So, instead of viewing your goals as distant destinations, think of them as invitations to embody the qualities of the woman you aspire to be. Embrace the daily practices that align with your vision, whether it’s showing up consistently, embracing discomfort, or letting go of limiting beliefs.

Of course, the journey won’t always be smooth. There will be moments of doubt, setbacks, and unexpected detours. But remember, it’s all part of the process of becoming. SHE would experience those too, and she would overcome and come out the other side stronger, wiser, and more resilient. So use those moments as opportunities for growth and course correction, rather than reasons to abandon your dreams.

Because the truth is, the true reward lies not just in reaching our goals, but in the woman we become along the way. I hope this perspective shift sparks a renewed sense of clarity and purpose as you pursue your dreams in 2024.

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