Creating More Moments That Bring You to [Happy] Tears

Think fast—what’s one of the BEST feelings in life? For me, it’s those moments that pause time and make your eyes tear up with fullness and gratitude for your life. And, it’s often due to simple moments that don’t require life to be perfect or cost a thing… so why don’t we actively create more of them in our life?

In this episode, you’ll learn HOW to create your list of the activities that bring you to tears (in the best way) so you can always find your way back yourself, know what inspires you, and know how to create a life full of it.

Listen to Episode 148 of the Bright Life Podcast: Creating More Moments That Bring You to [Happy] Tears

148. Creating More Moments That Bring You to [Happy] Tears Bright Life Podcast

Happy Tears (and More of Them)

I was recently scrolling Instagram (as one does 💅😉) when I came across a post by fitness trainer Kelsey Wells. I’ve followed Kelsey for years, as I love her workouts and find she has always promoted a healthy relationship with food and one’s body. In a recent post, where she was celebrating her new clothing line, she wrote this:

Have you ever been criticized for crying?

Never apologize for being emotional.

Never shame yourself for your feeling deeply.

From the moment your life began on this earth, crying has been a sign that you are ALIVE.

PAYING ATTENTION to (and making more space for) the things that move me so deeply I cry, has been healing, sparked hope, and helped me find my passions.

PAYING RESPECT to (and allowing safe space to) FEEL all of the hurts, frustrations, anger, fears, and things that make my heart ache so deeply I cry— has been equally healing, seeded motivation, and fueled discipline to work towards making my passions a reality— ESP in the face of inner and outer criticism.

Today was so surreal.
I am proud of myself.
I am so very thankful.

And it made me think—how often do we make time for these moments, which make us feel so full of life that it overflows from our eyelids? Like, is there anything better? And if not, why don’t we prioritize it? Do we even KNOW what kinds of moments inspire such fullness and gratitude for us? I began thinking through my own list, and it has encouraged me to prioritize more of those activities that bring out the best feelings in life.

And in this episode, I encourage you to do the same! You’ll learn how to brainstorm your own happy-tears list so you can create more of the moments that bring you to them. I hope that if you ever feel lost or unsure where to turn, you can look at this list and know how to reconnect to yourself and the fullness of life. Thank you, Kelsey, for inspiring this episode. 💛

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