5 Tips to Worry Less About What Others Think of You

“But what if other people don’t get it?” Building the life or business of your dreams often requires you to do things differently than your best friends, family, colleagues, or even internet strangers. But you can’t let what others think stop you from living the life you were meant for. Keep reading for five simple lessons I’ve learned (and often remind myself) 😊 to worry less about what others think.

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How to Worry Less What Others Think of You

People Are More Focused on Themselves

As human beings, we tend to exaggerate the impact of what others think about us. In reality, people are preoccupied with their own lives and concerns. The truth is, they probably won’t dwell on your actions or choices as much as you fear. It’s not worth sacrificing your dreams and desires for the opinions of others, especially if they are based on fleeting judgments that will probably last 10 seconds (if that).

You’re the Only One Who Has to Understand

Not everyone will understand your journey or the choices you make. Everyone has their own history, fears, and experiences that shape their perspectives. Instead of seeking approval from others, understand that your desires are unique to you because they are written in your heart and no one else’s. Embrace the fact that your dreams are meant for you, and it’s okay if they differ from what others want or expect.

People Reflect Your Energy Back to You

The energy you exude impacts how others perceive your decisions. When you approach a new decision with enthusiasm, people are more likely to respond positively. On the other hand, if you doubt yourself or lack confidence in your choices, that uncertainty can also be mirrored in the reactions you receive. Lead with sincere energy and passion for what you believe in, and others will respond accordingly.

It’s Natural for Relationships to Evolve

As you evolve and grow, so will your relationships. People who were once a significant part of your life may not resonate with your current path, and that’s okay. Embrace the fluidity of relationships and allow yourself to cherish the beauty of each season, even if it means letting go of some connections. Trust that new relationships will form to match your current interests and aspirations.

Only Take Advice From Those You’d Trade Places With

When seeking guidance, be discerning about whose advice you heed. Avoid taking advice from people who are not living the life you aspire to have. Look for mentors or guides who have achieved what you desire and who can offer valuable insights based on their own experiences. By surrounding yourself with those who have walked a similar path, you can gain the wisdom and support needed to pursue your dreams.

The fear of what others think is a common and natural human emotion, but it shouldn’t dictate our actions or hinder us from living our authentic lives. Embrace your uniqueness, trust your desires, and remember that the opinions of others aren’t reflective of what you know to be true for you. In the words of Maya Angelou, “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

I would love to hear in the comments—do any other tips help you? Or which one of these feels most supportive to you today? Share with me below!

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