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Episode 082: Encouragement for Changing Careers, Industries, or Businesses feat. Julia Hickman

If you’ve ever thought about leaving your corporate career, changing business models, or even switching industries altogether, today’s episode offers a mega dose of encouragement and honesty around making a change.

Guest Julia Hickman is entrepreneur, wife, and mother of two who left her corporate career in data analytics to become a stay at home parent, then soon realized she had a desire to become an entrepreneur. She started a wellness blog, then became an online fitness and lifestyle coach helping professional women make time for fitness and self-care. Julia then decided to take her passion for helping entrepreneurial women beyond fitness — pivoting to becoming a strategic partner in helping women launch and manage profitable podcasts.

Listen to today’s episode for a candid conversation around…

✨ Whether pivoting is really as scary as it seems

✨ What it’s like leaving corporate America

✨ Your first next step if you’re afraid to make a move

✨ Advice to anyone thinking of starting a business

✨ How to balance finances, motherhood, and entrepreneurship

✨ What she wishes all entrepreneurs knew about evolving

✨ And so much more!

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