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Episode 083: You Don’t Have to Be Perfect (to Be Perfect for Your People)

Have you ever felt like you had to do everything perfectly when building a business, serving your humans, or showing up online? Then listen to this episode for a mindset reframe that will give you permission to show up as you are today AND trust that is enough.

Because the truth is — and this is something many new entrepreneurs mistakenly believe — you aren’t missing the perfect formula, the exact-right messaging, or someone else’s on-trend strategy. All you’re missing is the belief that YOUR way of doing things is enough to show up confidently and connect with people who love what you’re about.

Listen to this episode to hear…

✨ One top mistake that many new business owners and creatives make

✨ How to loosen the belief that you have to do things perfectly

✨ Why your imperfections make you irresistible to YOUR perfect humans

✨ What traits you can cultivate that are more important than strategy

✨ How to build a successful business before having everything figured out

✨ Why your best today is perfect for the people you want to serve at this stage

Listen to the episode:

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