How I Became a Digital Nomad

I’ve been a digital nomad on and off for the past five years, traveling to more than 35 countries with my trusty laptop. And while I always loved to travel, I never imagined doing it on this scale, working from cities like Barcelona, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, and beyond.

Like many people, I spent my twenties working in corporate jobs under the fluorescent lights of a cubicle. The extent of my travel was usually saving up for a weekend trip with my girlfriends a few times per year. I relished the occasional work trip to Las Vegas or Fort Lauderdale, or a once-yearly vacation to Mexico. Beyond that, my husband and I had only traveled overseas once together; we weren’t exactly versed in international travel, and it wasn’t even something we had thought much about.

Around the time I started my online business, remote work hadn’t taken off yet, so I’m honestly not sure what gave us the idea in the first place. But at some point, I realized that I was working from coffee shops most days anyway… so why not coffee shops around the world?

From Cubicle to Frequent Flyer

That’s why I say that your imagination is a superpower. Don’t let anyone tell you that your ideas are too crazy, too much, or too bold… because your imagination sets the container for what’s possible for you. Over time, your brain, ingenuity, creativity, and determination has a way of figuring out the details.

Because even once we got the idea, we had to figure out exactly…

  • How to make ends meet
  • Where to live (and how to afford it)
  • How to pack our belongings into one carry-on suitcase
  • What to do with the rest of our stuff
  • How to navigate different languages, transportation, and cultures

But, somehow, we figured it out. And in this podcast episode, I hope to show you how—if you have a similar dream—you can, too.

I break down how my husband and I got the wild idea in the first place, then made it a reality within only a few months. So if you’re curious about traveling, working remotely, or even becoming a digital nomad for a season of time yourself, this episode will give you an inside look and some ideas for how you can make your dream a reality as well.

Listen to Episode 127 of the Bright Life Podcast: How I Became a Digital Nomad (Behind the Scenes of My Journey). Then let me know in the comments if you’ve ever dreamt of travel or something similar! 💛

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