How to Find Your Passion [Hint: It’s Not Just ONE Thing]

Have you ever wondered how to find your passion or purpose… but felt a ton of pressure around doing so? As if you were the only one missing that all-elusive calling that everyone else seemed to have?

I used to feel the same way. As I write in my book, Your Bright Life, fresh out of college, I felt both full of ambition to take on the world and a frustrating lack of clarity about where to direct my energy. I envied those who knew they were destined to be doctors, advertising executives, artists, or accountants.

“If only I knew what to do, I know I could do it, whatever IT is,” I used to think.

I wasn’t afraid of hard work; I was afraid of making the wrong decision.

But therein lies the myth that keeps so many people waiting on the sidelines for an epiphany of inspiration versus out there taking risks, trying things, and creating a life full of memories. 

How to Find Your Passion: Try This Mindset Shift

In the video below, I share one of the mindset shifts that helped me go from feeling frustrated and overwhelmed to lit up and inspired. Watch the video for a mindset reframe to find your purpose without the pressure.

Then let me know in the comments what this shifts for you! 💛

Ready for Your Biggest, Brightest Life?

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