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How to Stop Procrastination

One of the most common challenges I hear from other creative people is procrastination. So frustrating, right?! No one likes to get their coffee brewed, their mind prepped, their workplace settled… and then realize they just spent 30 minutes watching cat Reels on Instagram instead of earning for themselves!

The good news: Over the past 15 years in communications and marketing, I’ve learned a few tricks to beat procrastination, and I’m sharing them with you today! Read below or watch the video on Youtube to break the cycle!

3 Tips to Stop Procrastination

1. Set small intervals.

If you’ve ever set out to spend the next 2 hours working on something, you know how challenging it can be. So break it down! Try staying heads-down until you write three paragraphs, or stick to just 15 minutes. You’ll find you can accomplish things fairly quickly when you’re focused on small chunks of a project or time period. That momentum creates more momentum, and projects get done pretty quickly when you conquer three paragraphs at a time.

2. Turn off notifications.

This tip isn’t fun but it IS effective! When I need to get in the zone, I silence my phone, turn it over, or put it in another room. I get through whatever I’m working on (see Step #1) and THEN I get my phone back. Which leads to…

3. Give yourself a small reward when done.

We’re not talking anything huge, but if you have an urge to check social media, the news, or emails, tell yourself that you can once you get through Step #1.

This cycle helps me massively: 1) Decide what I am going to get through in the next 15 to 20 minutes, 2) Turn off all distractions, 3) Then give myself a mini break or reward when done. Rinse, repeat. Bye bye procrastination!

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