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How to Replace a Corporate Income in 90 Days

Did you know it was possible to replace a corporate income in months?! That your life could look completely different 60 days from now—you could be working from Paris with a croissant in one hand and your laptop in another?! ‍☕️

I certainly didn’t. I spent a few years building my first biz without realizing that $10K months were RIGHT in front of me through a much easier, faster route: copywriting!

The first month that I went full-time on freelance copywriting, I made $15K. The first year, I more than DOUBLED my corporate income. I know, it sounds too good to be true. (Believe me, I thought so, too!) Lest it sound too good to be true, below are the exact steps I took, that you can too. Watch this video or read below!


Copywriting is a skill that ANYONE can learn and that brands are ALWAYS in need of.

While some people are naturally gifted writers, the truth is, copywriting is a SKILL (like cooking) that can be learned. I know, because at my content marketing agency, I work with writers of all levels every day, helping them become stronger writers no matter where they begin. I’ve even developed marketing curriculums for multiple brands, taking people with no experience to proficiency in months.

A skill like copywriting will ALWAYS be in demand because brands will always need words to tell their story, sell their products, and communicate their value.

Another thing I love about copywriting is that it’s a skill that you can benefit from in ALL parts of your life—to build a business, to earn a higher salary, to write a better sales page. While some skills can only be used in a certain time (e.g. scubadiving, opera singing, etc.) writing is a skill that can improve SO MANY areas of your life.


You’re not just trying to earn a few bucks here and there—you’re trying to replace your corporate income and gain time and location freedom, right?! So while you can charge $20/hour, you can also charge $50, $75, or $100. Brands will GLADLY pay you a higher rate if you can demonstrate why you’re WORTH IT. And you will be.

There are a few ways to do this, from having a variety of work samples, to creating a beautiful portfolio, communicating your value in pitches, booking a full workload of clients, and understanding some content strategy beyond just writing. (Content Business Blueprint teaches you all of these.)


It’s not enough to know a skill, like writing. In order to officially replace your corporate income, you also have to know how to get clients.

Most copywriting programs teach you how to write, but don’t teach this essential step. But Content Business Blueprint teaches you step-by-step how to book yourself solid with clients through multiple channels. (If you’re worried about this part, don’t be because I even send you your first client leads!)

Once you know how to get clients from several channels, you never have to worry about how to make money again. You have total peace and security knowing that you will always be able to earn as much as you want, when you want.

And when you do excellent work for those clients, you create another channel: referrals. With referrals, clients come to YOU on auto-pilot, without you having to do any marketing at all. (I literally spent $0 on advertising to grow my copywriting business and had so much work the first month that I had to hire a team.)

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