It’s Never Too Late for You, There is Room for You, You Have What It Takes

Whenever you’re reaching for a new level in your life, your brain can come up with all kinds of excuses to protect you. The thing is, your brain means well; it’s trying to keep you safe from discomfort or risk from the unknown. But if you’ve ever stayed anywhere you don’t belong for too long—a city, a relationship, a job—you know that it can feel worse staying somewhere you’ve outgrown than taking the risk of the new thing you’re meant for.

So in this article, I’m going to bust three of the most common, well-meaning lies your brain will tell you: it’s too late for you, it’s all been done before, and you don’t have what it takes.

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3 Lies Your Brain May Tell You When You’re Dreaming Big

Below are three myths that many people subconsciously believe and tell themselves on repeat. I offer you a few reframes to get out there, believe in your brilliance, and deliver the special vision that only you have.

Lie #1: You’re Too Old / It’s Too Late for You

When did 30, 40, or 50 become old? Picture yourself at 80. You’re going to look back at the age you are now as a young, vibrant person with endless time and potential. You’re not going to think that you missed the chance if you’re 35 years old. You’re going to wish you would have gone for your biggest dream. At 80, you will see the picture more clearly—that at 30, 40, or 50, you still have DECADES to bring your dreams to life.

Wedding dress designer Vera Wang designed her first dress at age 40. Academy Award winning actor Morgan Freeman landed his first major movie role at 52. Arianna Huffington didn’t launch Huffington Post until she was 55! It is never too late to start fresh, to begin again, and to have a new, juicy chapter in the story your life.

Remember that everything you’re doing now is adding up to serve your next chapter. When I was in corporate, I managed a lot of seemingly unrelated tasks like event coordination, graphic design, and PowerPoint presentations. But every one of the skills added up to serve my first business, where I could save money on a graphic designer, create compelling pitches and webinars, and manage deadlines with ease. I promise you: whatever you’re doing now, even if you can’t see how, will absolutely serve and accelerate your dream.

Lie #2: It’s All Been Done Before / There Is No Room

Picture someone whom you’re close to: a best friend, partner, or sibling. Now picture a topic you both love: travel, health, finance, parenting. Do you both take the exact same approach with that topic? Do you both have the same favorite influencers, celebrities, mentors, or YouTube vloggers for that topic? Chances are, you resonate with some people more than anyone else, based on YOUR personal beliefs, experiences, personality, and style.

The same is true for the people who need to hear your message. There can be thousands of others out there, doing what you want to do, but some people will only hear it from YOU. Because of your beliefs, experiences, personality, and style. There are people out there trying approaches that aren’t working for them, following experts they don’t fully click with, and hoping they’ll one day find the approach or person that makes it all make sense. What if that person is you? What if they never figure it out because you have a story that they don’t need you, that there are already too many people out there?

If I were to give you and your bestie the exact same business idea, you would come up with completely different businesses. Let’s say that you both wanted to become freelance copywriters, since that’s my background and what I train people around. You would both come up with different niches, clientele, brand colors, and brand personality. 

There can be thousands of people doing the exact same thing, but in completely different ways. There is room for everyone. And there are people out there who are waiting on you to deliver it in uniquely YOUR way. So don’t ever believe the market is too saturated or there’s no more room for you. The TRUTH is, someone out there needs you. And the sooner you adopt a new belief, the sooner you get to fulfill your mission, and someone gets to solve a challenge they deeply want an answer to.

Lie #3: You Don’t Have What It Takes

The third lie is that someone else has something you don’t have: more money, resources, connections, looks, the list goes on. And while, yes, everyone is born with a different set of circumstances, and some certainly make success easier than others, the truth is that you are not limited to your circumstances. Even if you don’t have all the resources in the world, no one can touch your resourcefulness—your ingenuity in finding a way.

For example, someone may have more time. But imagine YOU have the secret weapon of resourcefulness, of determination. You can find time in the most unexpected of places—listening to books during your commute, watching training videos on the stationary bike at the gym, swapping social media for dream-building time… 

Imagine how all the cells in your body do what they’re supposed to do day in and day out. Your lungs inhale oxygen, magically convert it to carbon dioxide. Every second of the day. Your organs digest food. Your heart pumps blood through your entire body. You’re literally a miracle. And so, to think that you would’ve been given an accidental desire—something mismatched for you when your entire body functions seamlessly on autopilot—just doesn’t compute. I believe that your desires are as intentional and woven into the fabric of your being as everything else about you. What if you tried on that belief as well?

It’s Never Too Late for You

I hope, after reading through these common misperceptions and reframes, you find one that speaks to you. And you find a better belief that does inspire you to take action and live the life you dream of. Borrow these affirmations whenever you need them:

It’s never too late for you. There is room for you. You have what it takes. 💛


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