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Episode 091: What Founding Clean, Inclusive Beauty Brands Taught Nyakio Grieco About Life & Business

Nyakio Grieco is a beauty entrepreneur and advocate for clean, inclusive beauty that suits all skin types, tones and needs. She has launched multiple successful brands including her award-winning brand nyakio™ based on her family’s Kenyan beauty secrets; her inclusive beauty e-commerce destination Thirteen Lune; and Relevant: Your Skin Seen, a clean, science-led skincare brand that works for all skin tones and types.

Listen to this episode to hear…

✨ Nyakio’s advice to others who dream of creating a business

✨ Her experience facing adversity and her advice to others encountering it

✨ What she wishes she would’ve known starting out in entrepreneurship

✨ Her biggest aha moments of her entrepreneurial journey

✨ How she merges her passions with what the market needs to build successful brands

✨ And so much more!

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