Why We Need to Talk About Women and Money (Together)

Ask anyone about money, and everyone will have a different opinion. For some, it’s a negative to be suspect of. For others, it’s a positive to use as a force for good in the world. For still others, it’s a neutral resource.

Where did these beliefs come from? And are they TRULY the beliefs that empower us most?

In this article, I share a few things that have been changing my mindset around money—specifically women and money. Read below or listen to Episode 67 of the Bright Life Podcast: Why Money in the Hands of Women is a Great Thing.

In the episode, we discuss…

✨ Where money beliefs come from and how to choose ones that feel true for you now

✨ The ways in which every dollar can be a vote for the kind of world you want to live in

✨ Why more money in the hands of good women can do more good in the world

✨ How women have been conditioned to say silent about money (and how it’s changing)

✨ Why there is more opportunity for this generation than in the history of the world

And so much more!

Women and Money: A World-Changing Combo

Have you ever considered that…

🏠 Two generation ago, women were viewed as homemakers…⁠

👗 One generation ago, women were viewed as secretaries… ⁠

🙌 OUR generation is arguably the FIRST generation where women can be CEOs. Can make BILLIONS of dollars. Can DECIDE if they WANT to be homemakers, secretaries, mothers, business owners, or anything in between. (Or all of the above!)⁠ And celebrate each position as *a* choice of many instead of *the* choice.

So, isn’t it almost a form of past conditioning to feel like we should still stay SILENT about money? Like it’s not our place? To NOT talk about our investments? Or how we create financial independence for ourselves? Or share how MORE women can do the same?! And how BIG we can go with it—how MUCH we CAN and WANT to make?!⁠ Because we finally have the rights and privilege to do so?!⁠

I’ve been really re-thinking my view on this and considering how it’s almost a DISSERVICE to the women who went before us (and the women who go after) to stay SILENT about this topic… When really, it’s about how to make more RESOURCES for ourselves, our families, and our communities. (Because money is really just another resource.) Because more money in the hands of women literally changes the world, the future, and generations to come.

Consider the facts…

Benefits of Women Having Money

👛 Studies show that women in leadership bring their entire community UP with them. More women with resources mean EVERYONE gets better cared for. And we all know the world could use a LOT more of that these days. 💓

💸 The more you see someone else earn, the more you believe YOU can earn. I get so inspired by women I am in masterminds with, or even follow online, talking about earning WAY more than me because it makes me see and believe it’s possible. The more normalized something becomes for you, the more it can become your reality.⁠ It’s like how when one person breaks a mile record, then all the sudden everyone does too, because they see and believe it’s possible and acclimate to that as their new normal.

💰 Money is your VOTE. Sure, voting once every couple years is cool, but you know what’s better? Voting every DAY. With your dollar. The products you support, whether it’s sustainable packaging, ethical clothing, plant-based products, or the businesses that keep certain people in power. More money = more voting power = more POWER in the right places.⁠

This is just a short list but I’m really changing the way I think about MONEY and conversations around it. I want every woman to have PLENTY of money because that means plenty of RESOURCES to create the world she desires.⁠ 🌎 That’s why I teach women how to build copywriting businesses so they can create more freedom and fulfillment as their own boss, and try to be as open about the path as possible.

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