Try This Manifestation Tip to Increase Your Manifesting Power & See Results Faster

Today, I want to share a tip to increase your manifesting power that has made a massive difference in my own life. Now, if you’re new to manifestation or a little skeptical of it, fear not. Manifestation can go by many names. Whether you consider manifestation to be visualization, prayer, hard work, or anything else, this article discusses one way to amplify your manifesting power and see results shift quickly.

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Listen to this episode for a mini manifestation tip to see results shift quickly! We discuss…

✨ Why focusing too much on the future could be keeping your dreams at arm’s length

✨ Simple daily practices to make your dream feel closer now

✨ How to acclimate to your desires so you don’t sabotage them when they arrive

✨ A mindset shift that brought me job offers, dream relationships, and financial abundance!

My Top Tip for Amplifying Your Manifesting Power

I’ve been practicing manifestation for as long as I can remember, and it has played a significant role in achieving my goals and desires. From attracting a job offer in New York City to my dream love, business success, and even financial abundance, I’ve seen the power of manifestation unfold in my life time and time again.

Of course, any big dream also takes hard work… but there’s something else at play. Life has a way of meeting action with a little magic, aligning the right people, opportunities, and serendipities to bring dreams to life. So let’s focus on a specific technique that has accelerated my results and I hope does the same for you.

Focus on Your Dream as Here Now

In the beginning, I would often visualize my desired outcomes as something that would happen ONE DAY. I’d picture myself walking the streets of New York City after receiving a job offer or experiencing a successful business… ONE DAY.

But I had an epiphany when I realized that keeping these dreams in the future perpetuated a feeling of lack and distance from my goals. The game-changing shift for me was to start living in the energy of ALREADY having what I desired. Instead of envisioning it as a distant reality, I began to embrace the feeling of already having it now. This simple shift had a profound impact on my manifestation process!

I think it comes down to three reasons:

  1. Immediate Positivity: Embodying the feeling of already having what you want brings immediate positivity to your life. You feel abundant, loved, successful, or whatever emotion aligns with your desires. This positive energy attracts more of the same, creating a powerful feedback loop.
  2. Acclimation to Your Desires: By practicing the feelings associated with your desires, you acclimate to them ahead of. When your dreams manifest, it won’t feel like a foreign experience because you’ve already lived with that feeling for some time. And that means…
  3. Reduced Self-Sabotage: Living in the energy of your desires helps you overcome fears and insecurities that may arise when your dreams start materializing. It eases the transition from manifestation to reality and prevents self-sabotage.

How to Start Manifesting

To implement this manifestation hack, first, identify five words that describe the feelings you would experience when your dreams come true. Write them down.

Then, brainstorm a few activities that make you FEEL those words. Try to immerse yourself in those feelings daily. Find small ways to embody them in your present life.

For example, if you seek financial abundance, cultivate feelings of freedom, luxury, and comfort. Find small ways to experience those emotions now, even on a modest scale. Maybe you book a spa appointment. Or work from a coffee shop or restaurant with a beautiful view. Or clean all the worn out clothes from your closet. Remember, it’s also about feeling worthy and safe having those experiences, not just about the things themselves. Little things can enhance your experience and turn up the energy in your own life.

Over time, as you get used to living in the energy of your desires, you’ll become a magnet for the people, opportunities, and circumstances that align with your dream life. No longer will your dreams seem like a distant future but a beautiful reality that you’ve already welcomed into your life.

It won’t always be easy, and progress might be gradual, but remember that small shifts in your energy can lead to significant changes over time. So, be gentle with yourself, practice regularly, and celebrate every step forward.

I encourage you to try this manifestation hack and witness the magic that unfolds in your life. Remember, you are the co-creator of your reality, and by embodying the feelings of your dreams now, you’ll attract them into your life even faster.

Let me know in the comments—do you manifest by thinking of yourself with your dream here, now? Or what other manifestation tips do you love?

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