An Introvert’s Guide to Getting Visible With Emilee Fry

Have you ever wanted to feel more comfortable taking up space, sharing your message, or getting visible online? Guest Emilee Fry is here to help. Emilee is a business coach and mindset mentor who shares:

✨ How to identify the root cause of visibility fears

✨ One simple step you can take to start shifting those fears today

✨ Her top piece of advice for anyone sitting on the sidelines dreaming of more

✨ How long it takes to get more comfortable with visibility (and when fear finally goes away)

✨ A gut check for if it’s worth sharing your message, starting a business, or chasing that dream

About Emilee Fry

Emilee is a business coach and mindset mentor who is on a mission to help introverted and sensitive women shift their mindsets to break through their limiting beliefs. Emilee helps her clients accomplish their goals by focusing on what to do AND what to ignore in their marketing strategies.

After learning to thrive as an introvert, Emilee wanted to create a space and program where introverted women could learn to reach their goals and crush their limiting beliefs. Whether she’s teaching entrepreneurs to market their business in a way that builds relationships or helping them craft copy that makes them more visible to their clients, Emilee leverages her ability to inspire introverted women to take action.

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