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I’ve been a digital nomad on and off for the past five years, traveling to more than 35 countries with my trusty laptop. And while I always loved to travel, I never imagined doing it on this scale, working from cities like Barcelona, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, and beyond. Like many people, I spent my twenties […]

how i became a digital nomad

How I Became a Digital Nomad

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Have you ever wondered how to leave a technically GOOD career for something that TRULY lights you up? Then join me and Kristine Munro of the Pivot to Passion podcast for an episode that will fire you up! Kristine is a 7-figure business founder who left EVERYTHING to start over and pursue what REALLY lit […]

pivot to passion kristine munro illume collective

Pivoting to Your True Passion Feat. Kristine Munro

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As women, we get so many mixed messages around taking up space and SHINING… 📣 Use your voice but don’t be TOO loud… 🙃 Be strong but not BOSSY… 💪 Take up space but not too MUCH… Since we were born, we’ve received competing messages around what it means to take up space, use our […]


SHINING: How Take Up Space and Own Your Brightness

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You may assume that if you woke up with the dream career, love of your life, or 6-pack abs tomorrow, that you’d gladly welcome your new situation, right? But the truth is, us humans do all kinds of funky things when we receive the love, wealth, happiness, or success we desire, often self-sabotaging our way […]

how to receive ask for support and feel worthy

RECEIVING: How to Receive, Ask for Support and Feel Worthy of the Life You Desire

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You know how, whenever you anxiously wait for a call or email to come through, it only happens once you FINALLY give up watching your phone? Or how, when you finally give up on meeting the love of your life and decide to just have fun on your own, THAT’S when you meet your person? […]

DETACHING: The Magic of Surrender

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If you ever feel like you let fear stop you, this 15-minute pep talk will completely transform the way you think about fear. Learn ONE question that puts things in perspective, empowers you to choose the path that serves you, helps you better understand how fear is actually trying to help you, and enables you […]

ask this question to overcome fear

REFRAMING: Ask This One Question to Overcome Fear

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If you know what you WANT to think about yourself, but sometimes have a hard time BELIEVING the thought, keep reading for a few tricks to transform your confidence. P.S. Prefer to listen? Check out Episode 121 of the Bright Life Podcast: BELIEVING: How to Borrow Belief to Unlock More Confidence. Change Your Beliefs to […]

more confidence and self love

BELIEVING: How to Borrow Belief to Unlock More Confidence

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Have you ever found yourself scrolling through social media, seeing someone else’s Instagram post or TikTok, and feeling a twinge of irritation or jealousy? It’s something we all experience from time to time. But what if I told you that those feelings of envy or longing could actually be a sign from your intuition, inviting […]

the fastest way out of jealousy

The Fastest Way Out of Jealousy

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Picture your dream, then picture the YOU who already has it. Who is she? What is she like? What are her thoughts, habits, boundaries, and priorities… and how do they differ from yours today? This article will help you clarify what next-level you is like and how to become her. Because often, when we achieve […]

embodying - who is next level you

EMBODYING: Who Is Next-Level You? What Is She Like?

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Last week, we explored the process of DREAMING and knowing what you want out of life. This week, let’s talk about the next step: DECIDING. I dive deeper into how to gain clarity and DECIDE which dream to go after in my book Your Bright Life: Get Clear on What You Want, Overcome Self-Doubt, and […]

DECIDING The Hidden Gift of Knowing What You Want

DECIDING: The Hidden Gift of Knowing What You Want