3 Simple Shifts to Love Sales

Depending on whom you ask, sales can feel like some serious trickery OR like the greatest opportunity to serve. It took me a while to hit my stride with selling, but three shifts helped me to feel confident, genuine, and positive when sharing my services. I actually started to love sales, and in this article, I hope to help you do so, too!

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✨ How to release the pressure to do things the way everyone else is…

✨ And find more success in what feels true to you!

How to Actually Love Sales

Embrace Your Unique Selling Personality

Many people find themselves feeling uneasy or stressed during sales interactions, especially if they feel pressured to be someone they’re not. For some, trying to mimic sales tactics that work for others can lead to a sense of inauthenticity and may even result in no sales at all. (I certainly used to feel a lot of anxiety before sales calls and even developed a nervous rash at one point… it wasn’t cute!)

This changed when I recognized that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to sales approaches. Instead, the key to successful sales lies in embracing your own unique personality and selling energy.

Reflect on who you are at your best and identify the qualities that make you unique. Are you genuine, caring, bubbly, nerdy, or a great listener? Recognize that these characteristics are assets in the selling process, as they allow you to connect with potential clients as who you are at your most natural.

You don’t have to be pushy, smarmy, or aggressive.

Who you are at your best is what sells.

Repeat that to yourself until you believe it.

Ask Yourself, “What’s the Most ME Way I Can Do This?”

Whether it’s creating content, engaging with potential clients, or making business decisions, consider the most authentic way for you to handle the situation. Ask yourself, “What’s the most ME way I can do this?” Trust your intuition and follow the path that aligns with your personality. It will lead to more meaningful and successful outcomes, every time.

View Sales as a Date, Not an Audition

I like to share this perspective with my copywriting course students. Many people come from corporate careers when they begin freelance writing, so they feel like they must carry over a song-and-dance type of feeling when talking to prospective clients. This leads to nervous energy that rarely makes a sale.

Instead, shift your perspective of sales interactions by viewing them as a date rather than an audition. In an audition or interview, there’s a sense of pressure to impress and stand out. In contrast, a date involves two people exploring compatibility and mutual interests. Both people WANT it to work. And the same is true in many business relationships—both parties are looking for a solution and are hoping to be a fit.

Adopt this mindset when engaging with potential clients to build confidence. Both parties should be seeking to find a good fit and build a mutually beneficial relationship. The more you show up believing this to be true, the more confident you’ll feel going into sales convos.

Incorporating your authentic selling energy into your sales approach is what not only helps you sell more effectively, but actually begin to love sales. By being yourself and believing in the value you bring, you create more meaningful connections with potential clients. Remember that sales conversations are opportunities to serve, help, and provide solutions.

Trust your intuition, embrace your core personality, and see sales as a chance to find alignment with those who can benefit from what you offer. Ultimately, by believing that who you are is ENOUGH, you’ll not only enjoy the process of selling but also attract the right clients who appreciate your genuine approach.

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