What Do I Want? Ask This Question to Gain Clarity

Have you ever felt torn between what you SHOULD want and what you REALLY want in life or your career? Maybe you have the SOLID career but not one that fulfills you. Or you made the SAFE choice but not one that lights you up. Watch this video for one question to gain clarity on what you REALLY want… no matter how long its been since you connected to it. Let me know in the comments what answer arises for you! 💛

How to Figure Out: What Do I Want?

Have you ever found yourself stuck in the rut of routine, wondering what your true passion and purpose in life are? If you’re seeking clarity and looking to reignite your sense of purpose, you’re not alone. Today, I’ll share with you one powerful question that helped me reconnect with my passion and find my calling.

The Question That Leads to Clarity

Imagine for a moment that there were no judgments, no societal expectations, and no right or wrong choices. What would you want in life? If there were no external influences, what activities or pursuits would genuinely light up your heart?

Often, we become entangled in a web of societal pressures and expectations. We chase careers that promise financial success and recognition, even if they don’t align with our true passions. This pursuit can lead to a sense of emptiness and disconnection from our inner desires.

By stripping away these external layers and asking yourself what you truly want without constraints, you can rediscover your authentic desires. This exercise allows you to break free from the constant need for achievement, which our culture often rewards. If nothing was wrong, what would you want?

Embracing Your Desires

It’s crucial to acknowledge that your genuine desires can positively impact the world around you. Sometimes, we fear our desires might not align with our career, family, or income goals. However, more often than not, what genuinely lights up your heart will lead to positive outcomes for both you and those you encounter on your journey.

For example, maybe you desire to leave your ‘steady’ corporate career to start your own business. Imagine how many people will be helped by you starting that business. You will change hundreds or thousands of lives! Give yourself permission to explore your desires and dreams without judgment. Your heart knows what it longs for, and following that inner calling can lead to a ripple effect of good in the world, regardless of the path it takes you on.

Taking Action

Once you’ve identified what truly excites and fulfills you, the next step is to take action. Start by making a list of activities, pursuits, or experiences that resonate with you. These could be anything from travel, starting a business, pursuing a creative hobby, or engaging in a meaningful family activity.

Select one item from your list and find a way to incorporate it into your life, even if it’s just for 15 or 30 minutes a week. This small step can lead to significant changes in your life and bring you closer to realizing your passions.

Reconnecting with your passion and purpose is a transformative journey that can lead to a more fulfilling and vibrant life. By asking yourself, “What do I want?” free from external influences, you can rediscover your true desires. Embrace these desires as they hold the power to positively impact both you and the world around you.

So, I invite you to take a moment to reflect on this question: What would you want if nothing was wrong, if there was no hierarchy of right or wrong or admirable? What truly lights you up? Comment below and share the idea that this uncovers for you. Your journey to a more purposeful and fulfilling life begins with this simple yet profound question.

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