Why I Want You to Learn Copywriting from Me

An inside look at my business, where I teach women how to learn copywriting and build profitable copywriting businesses for more freedom and fulfillment as their own boss.

If you’ve ever thought of building another income stream or online business, here are 5 reasons why I want you to learn copywriting from me vs. anywhere else! A few of these are a total surprise to most people, so I hope it feels fun and inspiring to read below or listen in!

Listen to Episode 133 of the Bright Life Podcast: Why I Want You to Learn Copywriting from Me.

133. Why I Want You to Learn Copywriting from Me Bright Life Podcast

Why I Don’t Want You to Learn Copywriting Anywhere Else!

Have you heard the news? Bright Life Biz opens again next week, where women learn how to build a copywriting business or income stream for more freedom and fulfillment as their own boss. Here are 5 reasons that I want you learning from me!

1. I have a degree in journalism

In the program, you learn how to think like a journalist since that’s my background—how to quickly and confidently get up to speed on any client or industry, how to avoid writer’s block, and how to organize your ideas. (Without needing to spend years or tens of thousands of dollars going back to school.)

2. I share an inside look into what businesses want

I worked inside corporate America for a decade before going out on my own to build a copywriting business. So I can tell you what businesses are looking for, since I’ve been inside them hiring writers and leading content strategy for global brands…  AND what actually works to get hired as a writer. I share with you an inside look from BOTH sides so you can think like a business + succeed faster as a writer.

3. I’ve grown a 6-figure biz (before teaching others)

Copywriting not only replaced my 9 to 5 income, but surpassed it. I built a multiple 6-figure business from writing alone—before ever teaching others or having a course. It’s important to me that you learn from someone who has done what they teach, and that’s why I want you to learn this from me! 

4. I’m the writer behind many marketing curriculums

You may have seen some of the world’s largest education companies with programs in digital marketing… I am the writer behind those curriculums!  So I can teach you not only how to write, but also a marketing + business lens, so you stand out as a writer right away—no matter how much experience you start with.

5. I wrote for HuffPost (with no connections)

I pitched Arianna Huffington at age 26 with absolutely zero connections at HuffPost… and it worked—I got my first article published there! I also started a blog in my 20s, which approximately 10 people read at first… if you include me and my sister. 🙂 But that small blog eventually led to brands like Nike and Lexus reaching out. I can share all of those learnings with you—no connections needed.

Bonus: I really care 🙂

I still personally mentor students in my program, offering custom feedback while other courses only use support coaches or are completely self-paced. I do this because I really care, and want you to come out feeling confident, excited, and prepared.
Bright Life Biz opens again next week, where you learn how to build a copywriting biz in 8 weeks. Hop on the waitlist for VIP savings + early access to one of only 50 spots. 

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