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If you’ve ever Googled work-from-home jobs and discovered freelance writing, then wondered, “What does a freelance writer do?!” this article is for you! Learn what a typical day-in-the-life looks like for freelance writers, the types of projects they work on, and whether or not this is something you might enjoy as another income stream or […]

Work-From-Home Jobs: What to Expect in Your First Year as a Freelance Writer

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If you’ve ever Googled work-from-home jobs and wondered, “What does a copywriter do?” In this article, you’ll go behind the scenes to see what a typical day-in-the-life looks like for copywriters, the types of projects they work on, and whether or not this is something you would enjoy as an online business! I share what […]

what does a copywriter do day in the life

What Does a Copywriter Do? [A Day in the Life]

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My life changed when I became a copywriter. Instead of working for someone else in corporate, I was suddenly able to work from around the world, on the hours I chose, on creative work that was fulfilling to me. And I was able to make twice as much working for myself—something I never imagined would […]

Work From Home Series: How Becoming a Copywriter Changed My Life

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Seventy million people across the U.S. have a side hustle, with the average side hustle bringing in roughly $1,122 per month. If you’re looking to increase the amount of money you earn from a side hustle—or come up with a side hustle idea altogether—this blog post walks you through 5 steps to build more financial […]

5 Steps to More Financial Freedom: How to Create Another Income Stream

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You and I live in this amazing time in history where, for the first time, many jobs can be completed from a laptop anywhere in the world. But if you currently go into an office, navigate a commute that sucks away your free time, or are just craving more flexibility to work from anywhere, this […]

3 Steps to Location Independence as Your Own Boss

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If you’ve ever wanted to make an income doing what you love as your own boss, read for 3 steps to turn your passion into profits.

How to Turn Your Passion to Profits

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Watch this video (or read the article) for 3 simple steps to create more schedule flexibility through a side hustle or online business.

schedule flexibility via freelance writing

How to Create More Schedule Flexibility

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If you’ve ever dreamt of building a side hustle, online business, or creative project, but been nervous to make the leap, todays’ video is for you. Keep reading (or watching) for encouragement around when the time is right to start a side business or make a career change. How to Know It’s Time to Start […]

start a side business

How to Know if You’re Ready to Start a Side Business (or Make a Change)

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There are many online businesses out there, from vacation rentals to network marketing to online coaching to freelance writing. What are the risks and startup costs for each — and which ones have the lowest risks and startup costs so you can profit more from day one with less on the line? Let’s discuss in […]

online businesses with low startup costs

Online Businesses with Low Startup Costs and Risk

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One of the best things about a copywriting business is that you don’t need a ton of expensive technology to run your business. Most of the tools that a copywriter uses are completely free and optional, which means that everything you earn is profit. And while every freelance writer will have different preferences, below are […]

top free copywriting tools and technology

Top Free Copywriting Tools for Freelance Writers